We will beat poverty out of this continent.

Thinkfast Business Consulting...

We offer clever ways to financially realize opportunities from already existing technology, while guiding consumers to richer solutions by top notch services. We are leaders in the delivery of high quality consulting and technological services used by all of our clients.


Online Representation

Development of online platforms and portals ranging from websites to blogs to represent organizations and corporate structures professionally.

Enterprise Resource Programming (ERP)

Engineering software applications to run government, civil organizations and business processes thus increasing efficiency and productivity at least possible cost.

Business consulting

Here we guide and direct our clients on trends, models and practical success parameters for productivity, growth and sustainability in business.

Certified Professionals

Thinkfast's team of certified professionals brings years of expertise in multiple technologies including latest trends and customer needs.

Business planning and structuring

We bring out ideas to written plans and establish roadmap for businesses through modeling, generation of business plans and strategic documentations.

Digital Management

Here our team of digital specialist puts your business at the forefront of potential clients or leads through sales driven platforms and social portals and generate your business from brand to an identified selling brand.


Developing steady markets and contracts for primary produce cultivated by local and rural farmers.


Transforming farming in Africa from an activity to a business through this set of training in collaboration with foreign and government partnerships.


We offer relevant insights on investments ranging from commodity to crypto currency.


We make life easy for both organizations and expatriates by facilitation and follow up processes of entry visa, visa extension, transit visa, letter of invitation (LOI), work and residentcc permit and exit visa applications. We offer a unique touch of “Meet and Greet” and guidance leading our clients from origin to their Cameroonian doorstep. ThinkFast BC is confident that its services are top notch and will go a long way to impact the economic, profitability, growth and sustainability scope for African businesses and we believe and hope you become part of our story and playing a key role in our dream.

06. Cooperative Society set up and mentorship

Grouping and establishing cooperatives in different farm produce and mentoring them through growth and expansion with our team of Agric engineers.

Obviously, there's the temptation to sit back and smile, .. But there's so much at stake, we have to do our due diligence.