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Thinkfast Business Consulting

Being the change we require in others.

Think Fast BC is a newbie company of African origin and interest firmly grounded in business development, technology, travel and agricultural development. We are out to merge ideas, expertise and professionalism to enable businesses not just to grow themselves but have an impact on the economic sand banks of their nations (increases GDP and employment) and facilitate visa processing in to African. With a good number of experienced and professional workforce, known as “Thinkers”, the company aims to evolve the African business ecosystem in the nearest future through relevant strategies, models, quality trainings and its services offered with respect to need in the corporate and agricultural domain. Every day our team of talented young professionals leave everything coming to a place not just a workplace but a home to build a home (AFRICA). We see through the mishaps of our agricultural sector. We watch our economic minds drown in businesses with a much higher rate than that of profitable ventures. It ought to be their fight some may say, but we at Think fast BC unanimously made it our fight. A fight to build an economically vibrant and buoyant economy, a fight to transform agricultural landscapes from subsistence to second generation and a fight to make Africa stand tall while working together with similar vision inclined institutions for the growth of Africa.

Meet Our Team

Mfontoh Blaise Abenwi Shu

Founder & CEO

Neba Nelson S

Agric Engineer/Field Expert

Etta Raymond

Project Manager

Dam Soh Tanih

Managing Director/Agric Engineer

Kouetchua Carlson

IT Manager/Software Engineer

Ndi Buma Andam A

Director of Trainings/Women in Agriculture advocate

Mbaku Jovert T

Farm Mentor

ThinkfastBC is so much more...

  • Transformation Agriculture
  • Drone technology for agriculture with Agribizz
  • Tech tailored agriculture
  • Tech tailored agriculture

Partner with us!
An African proverb says "Only two hands can tie a bundle". We are always looking for new partners to join in extending our services to rural Cameroon and Africa. We are young, passionate, vibrant and sustainable cautious. Hit contact and let us know you are there.

The main ingredient of the boss is the rest of the team